Quote of the day

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“To be opposed is not to be vanquished, though a timid mind
is apt to mistake every scratch for a mortal wound.”

Lord Byron (George Noel Gordon) 1788 – 1824

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Quote of the day!

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Perhaps the best cure for the fear of death is to reflect that life has a beginning as well as an end. There was a time when you were not: that gives us no concern. Why then should it trouble us that a time will come when we shall cease to be? To die is only to be as we were before we were born. – William Hazlitt, essayist (1778-1830)

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Photo and quote of the day

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Each day is a new canvas to paint upon. Make sure your picture is full of happiness, and at the end of the day: You don’t look at it and wish you had painted something different.

Author Unknown


BlackBerry video!!!!

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This is CREEPY!!!!! :) I had a Palm Treo for two years then switched to a BlackBerry Curve which I had for three years and loved it made the Treo look like a Tinkertoy! The curve served me well! I tried the BB Storm for about two weeks an HATED it so I went back to the curve. I always liked Research In Motion (RIM) and always felt them the communication leader at one time.

I had heard a rumor back when the NYC World Trade centers went down that the BlackBerry was the only device that kept working. True or not I had a lot of respect for the company. Then Verizon got the iPhone and I bought it and I will NEVER own any other device!! They have got it down! Typing on it beats them all and I have tried them all (touch screens)

I am sad to see RIM going down but it seems a dog eat dog world out there in communication land! Google Android and Apple are going at it head to head and it’s insane!! If they could quit the squabbling and put their heads together and make one device it would be GREAT! But there is way to much money at stake for them to do that! Anyway RIM has released this video with the hopes to get people to “Love them” again!! Sorry guys I am hooked on iPhone and now iPad!!! But I wish you all the luck!!!!

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God speed Neil Armstrong

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Another space pioneer has passed away!! Neil Armstrong

Video courtesy of CNN and YouTube

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RIP Bailey

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You came to me when I needed a friend!! You found me when you needed a friend!!

I can only hope I was as good to you as you were to me! I will miss you!!! Say hi to Zeke, Tico and Bear for me!!!


In Memory of Dr. Sally Ride

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Dr. Sally Ride became the first American woman in space when she flew on the space shuttle Challenger in June 18th 1983. She passed away July 23, 2012 died after a 17 month battle with pancreatic cancer! She was a true pioneer and one of my personal heroes!!

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Medical quote of the day!

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One has a greater sense of intellectual degradation after an interview with a doctor than from any human experience. ~ Alice James

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Medical quote of the day!

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In the sick room, ten cents’ worth of human understanding equals ten dollars’ worth of medical science. ~ Martin H. Fischer

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Space Shuttle Enterprise makes its last voyage

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Space Shuttle Enterprise makes its last voyage – unceremoniously aboard a barge – into New York Harbor’s gateway region of Bayonne, NJ before its scheduled crane-lift to the deck of the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum.
Credit: Jonathan Smith / SPACE.com